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Russell Joseph Howard (born 23 March 1980) is an English comedian, television presenter, radio presenter and actor, best known for his TV shows Russell Howard's Good News and The Russell Howard Hour and his appearances on the topical panel TV show Mock the Week. He won "Best Compère" at the 2006 Chortle Awards and was nominated for an if.comedy award for his 2006 Edinburgh Festival Fringe show. Howard cited comedians Lee Evans, Richard Pryor and Frank Skinner as influences.

An angry viewer said this in a review "When I first saw Russell Howard, introducing a movie premier a few weeks ago, I thought he was pretty good. I have since seen some mock the week and his new show and found him to be dull and repetitive. I mean, he reused the same jokes that he used in the movie premier in the first episode of his new show - thats poor."


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Mica Parmar says

"I ordered tickets for Shawn Mendes in May 2018 for his upcoming show in Birmingham on 9 April 2019. I was told by Get Me In that my tickets would arrive a week before the event however I still haven’t received a confirmation of their despatch, let alone the tickets themselves. They informed me that if I hadn’t received my tickets within 2 business days of the event someone would call me, but I haven’t heard from anyone and there is now less than 1 working day until the show. I cannot find a number to call them, and no one has replied to the numerous emails I’ve sent. Thoroughly upset and disappointed as the tickets were a present for my sisters birthday. I am expecting a full refund when/if they finally get back to me"

Portlande says

"I bought tickets for Shawn Mendes for this Saturday 6th April day, my kids worked and saved for these tickets, UPS say they delivered but we were both at work and our kids at school, we have never received them, we have hotels booked my kids are so upset. I cannot get hold of anyone at GETMEIN or Ticketmaster. We have hotels booked."

Guest says

"Re. Brian Cox tickets that failed to arrive! Getmein sent me two Emails in February confirming that the tickets were on their way, the latter with UPS tracking details. I had no reason to doubt that they would arrive! Their reply states that their seller let them know that he was unable to supply them, so why on earth didn't they inform me? At least we could have deflected some of the disappointment of my Son and his Wife, who were hugely looking forward to the event . It would also have avoided all the stress it has caused me over the last few days. As regard the matter of being repaid immediately, this is not the case! They sent two Emails on the 26th February, one claiming that they had repaid us immediately. Not true! The second, that they are going to reimburse me the full amount sometime within in the next 3 to 15 days! On the basis that they sent me two Emails confirming tickets that failed to show up, my confidence levels are not high and I'm pursuing a claim through Paypal. Stop press: Good news at last, the money has been repaid today - but I still feel scarred enough by the whole experience to post this response!"

Guest says

"Bought two very expensive tickets for Brian Cox for next Tuesday (as a birthday presents) in October 2018. Advised by Getmein that they had been dispatched on 12 Feb but have received nothing! Impossible to contact them or Ticketmaster, who referred us to them. They have established a UPS account for us but haven't provided the tickets. With three days to go to the event, I feel I've been scammed. A company to avoid!"

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